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Bhawani Nayak_ India

Bhawani Nayak

Founder of Tarun Chetna Sansthan

Bhawani Prasad Nayak is associated with the Bhubaneswar-based Institute for Social Development (ISD). In this role, he addresses the gender-based violence and trafficking of women and girls in the poorest areas of Odisha.

Mr. Nayak initially worked on broader gender issues. In recent years he developed a more focused interest in the challenge of trafficking for labor and sex from Kandhamal – an impoverished, drought_prone district in southern Odisha that is a significant source of trafficking victims looking for work opportunities in other states. Drawing on the support extended by the U.S._based Global Fund for Women to the ISD, Mr. Nayak has effectively worked to change the prevailing social norms and practices and to strengthen local institutions, such as village councils, to address trafficking.

Mohammad Naseem Ansari is a passionate social worker who believes in equality and social justice. He is a Master of Arts and Bachelor of Education with a diploma in Journalism and Rural Development Management. He has 30 years of experience in the development sector. 

Naseem was the Founder of Tarun Chetna Sansthan (a non-profit organization) in 1993 in Uttar Pradesh. The organization works for women and children of the marginalized community. Naseem served for 28 years as director of Tarun Chetna. He has been involved in teaching, Press-Reporter, and adult literacy program.

Mohammad Naseem Ansari_ India

Mohammad Naseem Ansari

Founder of Tarun Chetna Sansthan

Yogesh Vaishnav_ India

Yogesh Vaishnav

Development Director

Yogesh Vaishnav a development sector professional is a Science graduate with Post Graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication. He has more than 29 years of experience in development sector as a Gender Activist at grass-root level.

Yogesh is one of the founding members of Vikalp Sansthan- a non-profit organization found in 2003 in Rajasthan, India. The organization works towards ending gender-based violence and creating equal society for all. The organization mainly engages with youth in this endeavor. Having served as a Secretary of Vikalp Sansthan for over 10 years, he is currently handing multiple key portfolios in the organization including Development Director.


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